After Washing Up On A New Jersey Beach, 8 Dolphins Perished

After Washing Up On A New Jersey Beach, 8 Dolphins Perished- They touched down about 20 miles south of Atlantic City, where rescue workers devoted hours to reviving the creatures.

Before personnel arrived, two of the dolphins passed away. To “avoid further agony,” the other six were put to death.

Since December, the US East Coast has discovered over a dozen deceased whales.

The landing of the dolphins in Sea Isle City adds to the enigma surrounding recent marine deaths in the eastern US.

Officials from the Sea Mammal Stranding Center are shown in the video from BBC’s US media partner, CBS attempting to save the dolphins’ lives by pouring seawater over them.

The Sea Mammal Stranding Center wrote on Facebook that the dolphins were humanely put to death to end their misery because releasing them back into the water would have merely delayed their inevitable demise.

After Washing Up On A New Jersey Beach, 8 Dolphins Perished

The post-mortem tests of all eight dolphins were carried out in a laboratory.

The deaths follow the passing of two additional dolphins last week on a different beach in New Jersey. There were two dolphins; one was found dead, and the other, a calf, was put to death because of its poor chances of survival.

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center said, “We share the public’s sorrow over these lovely animals and hope that the necropsies will help us understand the reason for their stranding.

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The previous few months have seen an increase in unusual marine activities around the US East Coast.

Officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have also recently noticed an increase in whale strandings along the mid-Atlantic coast (NOAA).

Humpback whales’ “unusual mortality” near the eastern coastlines has been monitored since 2016. The alarm has been raised, though, as more than a dozen dead whales have been found since December.

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