A 18-Year-Old Wins $48 Million After Buying His First Lottery Ticket

When an 18-year-old woman bought her first lottery ticket, she made lottery history by winning $48 million.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC) confirmed Juliette Lamour, 18, of Ontario, Canada, as the winner on Friday, making her the youngest individual in the nation to win a lottery prize of this magnitude.

After her grandfather had advised it, Lamour bought the winning ticket for her 18th birthday. When her coworkers informed her that a resident of her hometown had won the drawing on January 7, the 18-year-old claimed she had forgotten about the ticket.

A 18-Year-Old Wins $48 Million After Buying His First Lottery Ticket
A 18-Year-Old Wins $48 Million After Buying His First Lottery Ticket

Lamour told Global News, “I just turned 18, and my granddad advised I buy the lotto ticket for fun. I had never purchased a ticket before, so I didn’t know what to ask for when I got to the store. I contacted my dad, who advised me to purchase a LOTTI 6-49 Quick Pick.

I still can’t believe I used my first lottery ticket to win the Gold Ball jackpot! Lamour shouted.

Although there have been other 18-year-old lottery winners in Canada recently, none have won as much as Juliette, according to the OLGC.

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The university student told Global News that her coworker “dropped to his knees in disbelief” when he learned she had won at work.

Lamour informed the outlet that as the ticket was scanned, the “Winner/Gagnant” jingle began playing, and “Big Winner” appeared on the phone. “In shock, my colleague knelt to his knees. He was shouting that I won $48 million, and everyone else was calling it as well.

Her mother demanded that she stay to finish her shift even though she was told she might leave early. Lamour stated that she intends to use her father, a financial advisor, to help her invest most of the profits.

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