5 Easy Rules: The Proper Way to Wash Your Face

Easy Rules: The Proper Way to Wash Your Face

Washing our faces everyday is basically second nature after doing  since our teenage years. We will confess, however, that sometimes we tend to slack. Whether its tiredness, laziness or plain forget – there’s no excuse for neglecting this fundamental step in skin care. In 2015, we vow to not  cleanse our skin daily, but to do so the right way.  there is a actual method of ridding skin of impurities and we have some expert advice from Kenneth Beer, MD, PA.

1.Before you dive into the cleansing process, taking off makeup is the first thing you should be doing. This means wiping remove mascara,                      eyeshadow and foundation.I would recommend using a pad to remove any makeup or debris from the skin,” said Dr. Beer. Need some                        suggestions? We have got you covered right this way  Dr. Beer also recommends using Clean and Clear Makeup Dissolving Facial                              Cleansing Wipes ($6.59).



 2.   Water temperature doesnot seem important, but it is. Lukewarm water is best to loosen up dirt, making it easier to wash off without                             stripping skin of natural oils. Hot water can dehydrate skin, but if you are prone to redness, then option for cooler water.


3. “Avoid odour and dyes whenever possible,”  Dr. Beer said when it comes to choosing a face cleanser . Massage cleanser in a circular,                            outward motion and don’t skip areas like your hairline, jaw and neck, which tend to be skip. “The gentle motion similar with cleaning will                      increase blood flow to the skin and help it remain healthy,” notes Dr. Beer.


 4.  Always pat skin dry with a clean and smooth towel  avoid rough towels and rubbing motions when drying. Don’t use the same towel you                      use on your hair or body since it can be fill up with pore-clogging germs.


 5.  Within a minute of washing your face, apply your serums  and creams . This helps lock in moisture and keeps skin hydrated long time.






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