Maui Heartbreak: 36 People Dead As Wildfires Reduce Parts Of Town To Ashes

At least 36 people have perished in the wildfires that have ravaged the Hawaiian island of Maui since they began on Tuesday (August 8). Over 11,000 people had to be evacuated from the area due to wind-driven flames.

As the officials work to put out the fire, the western community town of Lahaina may be the worst-affected region. Numerous people were still missing, according to officials, despite 271 structures being damaged or destroyed. The “road to recovery will be long,” according to Acting Governor Sylvia Luke.

Officials Release Report on 271 Structures Damaged, Emphasizing Swift Response:

“As the firefighting efforts continue, 36 total fatalities have been discovered today amid the active Lahaina fire. No other details are available at this time,” as per reports.

Residents are making perilous escapes on boats or cars due to the damaged trail that has been left behind. As the swiftly spreading wildfire consumes their homes, others even jump into the Pacific Ocean.

Wildfires are made worse by Hurricane Dora.

Winds from Hurricane Dora, which p@ssed hundreds of miles to the south of the area, have fueled the fire.

More than 150,000 gallons of water have already been used by firefighters, according to Major General Kenneth Hara, who is in charge of the military effort to put out the fire. Although helicopters have been put into service, their work is tough due to winds that sometimes reach 85 mph.

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The fires, started by powerful winds from a neighboring cyclone in the Pacific Ocean, were still burning while basic services like electricity and cell towers were down. PowerOutage.Us reports that there are currently more than 12,000 individuals without power in Hawaii.

President Biden’s Words Echo on Twitter: A Re-Tweeting Tale:

In order to combat the severe weather, US President Joe Biden ordered all federal resources in Hawaii to be mobilized.

“I have ordered all available Federal assets on the Islands to help with response,” Biden said in a statement.

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