2018 has been great for Pakistani films, says director Nabeel Qureshi

2018 has been great for Pakistani films, says director Nabeel Qureshi
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While the Pakistani film industry saw some huge discharges through 2018, nearby producers are now seeking after a superior 2019.

“The year 2018 has been extraordinary for Pakistani movies out and out,” Load Wedding executive Nabeel Qureshi tweeted. “Film has earned more from Pakistani movies than Bollywood or Hollywood imports this time! It’s a major accomplishment. May it do incredible in 2019 also.”

Ali Zafar, Maya Ali-starrer Teefa In Trouble additionally become famous in the cinematic world and rose as one of the greatest hits of the year. At that point there were Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 and Parwaaz Hai Junoon also.

Already, Hamza Ali Abbasi praised the various arrivals of 2018. Abbasi stated, “Restlessly anticipating Teefa In Trouble, JPNA 2, Load Wedding and Parwaaz Hai Junoon discharging this year. On account of these movies, I can cheerfully and certainly state that 2018 will be an incredible year for the Pakistani film industry.”


All through 2018, neighborhood merchants delighted in abundant income from the nearby movies. They are more than fulfilled and never again observe the nearness of Indian discharges as a risk. Pakistani film business is blasting and has done quite well consistently.

Super Cinemas general chief Khorem Gultasab disclosed to The Express Tribune, “All films pulled in sensible group, aside from Na Band Na Baraati.”

“The nearby group of onlookers has begun trusting in our movies and understood that we can likewise deliver great ones,” a senior authority of Distribution Club expressed. “The individuals who still don’t have confidence in Pakistani’s film industry should begin watching our movies. After so long, we have figured out how to do as such well.”

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